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Several internet users on Twitter are reporting that Facebook and Instagram are down, we checked both the sites on our browsers and it seems like it is indeed the case, with connection timeout messages on both the websites. The app is not refreshing with new feeds either.

Based on the Twitter timeline, it seems like both the sites....Read More
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 12:43 PM

“Project Zero” is a program powered up by Google which picks and reports security bugs in software or operating systems and then notify the relevant companies about them.

The company or owner(s) of the relevant software or Operating System get a 90-day deadline since the day of....Read More
Posted on 23 Jan 2015 9:04 AM

Head Coach of the Sri lankan National Football team, Serbian National, Nikola Cavozavic says the team is progressing every day.

He made this statement in an exclusive interview with Sports 1st’s Nadeeshan Meedin.....Read More
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 12:45 PM
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