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Night mode is a feature that made its debut with e-readers and e-reader apps. The idea is that at night when the lights are dim, a darker background might prove to be more soothing to the eyes than a bright, glaring white screen. Even Apple has introduced Night Shift to iOS where the colors of the phone’s screen are diminished somewhat.....Read More
Posted on 27 May 2016 12:05 AM

Man accused of tricking celebrities into handing over their passwords and stealing TV and movie scripts, personal information, unreleased music, and sexually explicit videos pleaded guilty to charges of criminal copyright infringement and identity theft in a New York court on Monday, May 10. Alonzo Knowles agreed to hand over 25 unpublished scripts found in his Dropbox account, along....Read More
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Microsoft is planning to double the amount of promoted apps in the Start menu with the upcoming Anniversary Update to Windows 10. The software maker revealed at its WinHEC conference last week that the amount will increase from five currently up to 10 in the Anniversary Update that’s due to roll out in July.....Read More
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