Visula Ahasa Yata (121) -08-11-2012
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The European Union and Ukraine signed an agreement,today, for an additional 1.8 billion euros in EU financing to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko oversaw the signing which took place on the sidelines of an “Eastern Partnership” summit between EU leaders and six ex-Soviet....Read More
Posted on 23 May 2015 6:59 AM

Mecca has unveiled plans to build the world’s largest hotel which is to be completed by the year 2017.

With 10,000 bedrooms and 70 restaurants, plus five floors for the sole use of the Saudi royal family, the £2.3bn Abraj Kudai is an entire city of five-star luxury, catering to the increasingly high expectations of well-heeled pilgrims....Read More
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A phone that is so smart it unlocks by recognising your iris when you look at the screen which is the latest feature of the Fujitsu Arrows NX-F-04G which will be on sale next month.

The ‘Iris Passport’ system takes about a second to unlock, and learns the features of the owner’s eyes, making the....Read More
Posted on 27 May 2015 9:40 AM
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