Iti Mal (110) -11-12-2012
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North Korea held mass dance parties and fireworks display in Pyongyang on Saturday (August 15) to celebrate the 70th anniversary marking the end of Japan’s colonial rule, which lasted from 1910 to 1945.

Video filmed by KCNA, which could not be independently verified by Reuters, showed thousands of people wearing....Read More
Posted on 16 Aug 2015 12:03 PM

A recently fired reporter stalked two colleagues to a live report Wednesday morning and gunned them down on air while taking his own video — posting the footage to social media hours later before killing himself.

“I filmed the shooting, see Facebook,” Bryce Williams, whose real name is Vester L. Flanagan, tweeted along....Read More
Posted on 27 Aug 2015 10:04 AM

The United States says that it wants to sponsor a resolution at next month’s U.N. human rights session that is supportive of Sri Lanka’s government, which wants to conduct its own investigation into alleged war crimes.

The announcement by the visiting Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal, of a joint resolution with the Sri....Read More
Posted on 27 Aug 2015 10:07 AM
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