Iti Mal (110) -11-12-2012
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Just one day after the 24-year-old singer Taylor Swift and the 31-year-old record producer Calvin Harris were spotted looking cozy in Nashville, sources reveal that the two have actually been hanging out since late February when they first met at the 2015 Brit Awards.

During the Brit Awards the two got to know each other....Read More
Posted on 29 Mar 2015 12:44 PM

Poppy Royal, 21, always knew she was adopted. Then two years ago she decided she needed to find out the truth about the family she’d never met.

Growing up, Poppy Royal’s life was happy and secure. Her parents Cliff, now 68, and Jenny, 58, had adopted her at five weeks old, and never kept a secret of where she....Read More
Posted on 30 Mar 2015 8:46 AM

Mighty Australians claimed their fifth ICC cricket world cup on Sunday March 29, following their win over New Zealand by seven wickets in just 33.1 overs at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Winning the toss and batting first, New Zealand managed to score 183 runs in 45 overs. Starc, who opened the....Read More
Posted on 30 Mar 2015 8:52 AM
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