Puja Uthama puja Viridu for vegetarians
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Pakistan has this week lifted a three-year ban on YouTube, days after customized versions of the video streaming site were launched across the region.

Pakistan banned access to YouTube in September 2012 after an anti-Islam film, “Innocence of Muslims”, was uploaded to the site, sparking violent protests across....Read More
Posted on 20 Jan 2016 12:50 AM

Power Rangers a children’s television and movie series in the 90’s is joining the ‘long awaited reboot’ list with its announcement of a feature film in 2017.

Lionsgate/Saban has now confirmed (via the official Power Rangers Twitter account – see below) that Elizabeth Banks will be playing Rita Repulsa in the....Read More
Posted on 05 Feb 2016 7:35 PM

Previously users had to install the Periscope app or click on the link to open it in order to watch the livestream.

After the update, users are able to just click the tweet that contains the Periscope link and watch a video within the app itself.....Read More
Posted on 16 Jan 2016 7:56 AM
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