Copy Chat 16-02-2014
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EXCLUSIVE:: Though the Central Bank of Sri Lanka tried to introduce the world’s most popular money transfer service Paypal to Sri Lanka very soon, most reliable sources say that it may take a longer time for this service to be introduced to Sri Lanka.

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The first Director General levels talks between Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), India and Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB), Sri Lanka was held at New Delhi today. Both sides shared the concern over growing menace of Narcotic Drugs and latest trends in Narcotics smuggling in Indo-Sri Lankan sector.....Read More
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The United Nations may become involved in the case of the Tamil asylum seekers who were detained on an Australian customs boat, with a court hearing to take place in Canberra in October.

A brief high court directions hearing in Melbourne on Thursday resulted in Justice Kenneth Hayne setting a date....Read More
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